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The Daily Detail, a new auto detailing service based in Austin, Texas, is happy to announce its expansion to Circle C Ranch, a master-planned community located in Southwest Austin. They are ready to offer clients in Circle C Ranch, professional interior cleaning & odor neutralization, fabric & leather treatment, paint & headlight restoration, paint sealants, clay bar & waxing, and more. They offer both exterior and interior packages.

The exterior packages include basic wash; decontamination wash; wash + protect (ceramic or graphene coating to be applied to perfect paint); paint polishing; headlight restoration; decal removal. The interior packages include basic, advanced, and OCD.

Dev Parker from The Daily Detail says, “We are dedicated to providing quality service, customer satisfaction at a great value in multiple locations offering convenient hours. Our products are eco-friendly and interior products are all organic. We use less than a gallon of water with absolutely zero waste. We offer multiple services at a great value to meet your needs. We offer premium service while saving your time and money.”

Dev Parker wants to emphasize that as long as their work van is able to get within 15 feet of the vehicle to be detailed, they can do the detailing practically anywhere. This is because their work van contains self-contained power generators and water jet systems, allowing them to provide mobile car detailing virtually anywhere.

A list of the techniques and services that they use for car detailing include handwashing and drying using foam cannon and two bucket method; cleaning of exterior and interior windows and mirrors; vacuuming of the interior including floor mats and trunk; odor removal; flossing of wheels; cleaning and dressing of tires with non-sling dressing; cleaning and conditioning of exterior plastics; application of carnauba wax; full paintwork decontamination; drying of all door and trunk jambs; cleaning of seats, cup holders, and plastic trim; steam cleaning of all carpets; cleaning and detailing of roof liner; cleaning and conditioning of all leather; water-based matte dressing for all plastics; application of polymer sealant; cleaning and conditioning of rubber trim and seals; and full paintwork correction.

They can provide customized monthly TLC detailing packages, with the price ranging from $200+ to $600+. They have a 100 percent satisfaction policy, which means that they only charge the customer after the service. A dedicated support team will be ready to provide assistance in case anything goes wrong with the work.

Meanwhile, a number of previous customers have expressed their satisfaction with the detailing work done on their vehicles by leaving highly positive reviews. For instance, Calvin R. gave them a five-star rating and said, “Hands down the best detail and the only place I trust with mine and my wife’s cars. You get what you pay for and it’s nothing but the best.” Amber A. also gave them five stars and said, “Will always use Devin for my car detailing. My car was as new when he was done and he made it convenient for me and came to my residence.”

And aside from the interior and exterior packages, they also provide ceramic coating car detailing packages. While waxes and sealants are good for auto detailing, they are usually not applied frequently enough to provide optimum protection. This is where ceramic coatings offer an advantage. Ceramic coatings can enhance the durability of the protection, making it last for up to 10 years. This protection is provided in the form of permanent or semi-permanent coatings that offer the best barrier between the car paint and the harsh elements that impact the car every day. The ceramic coatings will not just serve as a protective barrier, but also provide depth and gloss to the finish, with the result that cleaning the car will be much easier because dirt and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface as easily as before.

Those who would like to know more about the mobile auto detailing services offered by The Daily Detail, in or near Austin, can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about The Daily Detail Mobile Car Detailing, contact the company here:

The Daily Detail Mobile Car Detailing
Dev Parker
1912 Crooked Ln #200, Austin, TX 78741


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