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Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta has just announced that they have passed a significant milestone when it comes to receiving reviews on their services. This popular chiropractic clinic now boasts having over 700 5-star reviews being left on their Google Maps Business Listing. Even more impressive is that after receiving this high number of reviews, the clinic was able to maintain a GMB Listing average review score of 5 out of a possible 5-stars. Their commendable Atlanta chiropractic patient review average is something that very few businesses can accomplish on that many reviews.

The lead chiropractor at the clinic, Dr. Summer Turner, says, “We are very proud of the fact that we have received so many reviews that praise our chiropractic services. It shows that our staff and medical personnel are working hard to make sure that our patients have a pleasant experience with us. We take a close look at every review that is written on our services. That way we can make improvements where necessary and continue to emphasize what our patients say that we do well.”

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Dr. Turner stated that their wellness facility tries to give their customers a pleasurable experience that goes well beyond the chiropractic treatments that they offer. That includes warmly greeting each patient as they enter the clinic and going to great effort to try and keep their appointments on schedule. She says that even their billing, insurance handling, and patient record keeping are done in a streamlined manner to place as little a burden on a patient as possible as they seek pain management treatments. According to the clinic’s lead chiropractor, it also helps that they have state-of-the-art equipment that is used in conjunction with their chiropractic treatments, and their facility is always kept meticulously cleaned and well-maintained. She added that they will continue to offer their patients a well-rounded chiropractic experience that compels them to take the time to write very favorable reviews. A press release that can be seen here at also talks about the many favorable reviews that this chiropractic clinic often receives.

Here are some examples of the glowing reviews that have been left about this clinic’s services on the above-mentioned Google Maps Business Listing. Donald Pump stated, “The staff members at this location are very pleasant as well as helpful. They are always polite and prompt. I appreciate their dedication to the care of their patients. They are fully committed to the recovery of each patient and always remain fully professional. Awesome work!” Kofi Hunter proclaimed, “The personnel at this office are great! Very friendly and professional! The place is always clean and they adhere to COVID guidelines! The adjustments are quick and easy. Definitely recommended.”

Dr. Turner went on to say that the medical personnel at the clinic bring over 40-years of experience with them to the chiropractic and other treatments that they offer. Their high level of commitment to their patients has led them to become the largest chiropractic facility in Georgia. She also talked about some of their clinic’s most popular wellness services. This all starts with their progressive chiropractic treatments. They always make sure they are up to date on the latest chiropractic methods that are being used successfully across the country. The lead chiropractor at the clinic stated this has led them to be one of the most popular treatment options in the Atlanta area for those that have been injured in car accidents. Whiplash and slip and fall accident treatments are also a specialty service of this clinic. Their treatments are targeted at helping those with neck pain, sciatica, back pain, and hip pain. The clinic’s lead chiropractor also talked about how people come to them looking for relief when it comes to alleviating headaches. She says their clinic will even work with patients who have been referred to them by a personal injury attorney.

Those that would like more information on this reputable chiropractor in Atlanta can call them, send them an email, or they can fill out the ‘Free Consultation Form’ that’s found on the bottom of the homepage on this clinic’s website.


For more information about Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta, contact the company here:

Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta
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